Being Strong For Too Long…

Would you like to suffer through an awful and tasteless meal that you have to shove into your mouth or the most delicious and mouth watering meal while both come at the same high price? Which life would you choose? Obviously the tasty one that makes you feel as though the price was worth it. But I chose the awful one. Want to why?

Try acting like it’s the most delicious meal and eat it whole heartedly. As though that price was not high enough to get such a marvelous meal that you were tremendously lucky to have. You might find it hard to do so, but what keeps you going is the face that peeks from the kitchen window to see how you’re enjoying the food that they made. The happiness that you find in their eyes is priceless and that is what makes you think that the price was worth it. A professional would never make such an awful dish. It’s an amateur with a soft heart who puts all his efforts into presenting that one meal for you. They might not have got a chance to eat it off a silver plate with a silver spoon like you as that price was too high for them. All they got was a tiny bite which cooking. But when they see you enjoying it, they get a glance of heaven at that moment.

But what about you? You might feel like choking yourself to death with every single bite. You might fear that you end up spitting it out and worry about the face at the window. How would they feel to know that they gave you one of the worst nightmares when all they wanted was to give the best one that you ever had. How would they feel to be disappointed with themselves thinking about how they made someone else’ day a bad one?

Being strong for too long hurts a lot. Especially if one of your loved ones is watching from afar thinking that you’re enjoying the life that they set for you. And when you think about how they would feel if you finally choke on it, it hurts even more. You try you’re very best to suffer till the end and to turn to them and say that it was awesome. But would you make it that far? Could you hold on till the end? That fear is what hurts the most.


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