What do you want to be in your life?

It’s hard to live in this world. Trying your best to be a mature girl and doing what’s best for everyone else. You would do anything to please everyone. While taking a decision, you think about everyone else except you. How it would affect others, how would they think about you, would they like it or not, would they be proud or would they criticize? What if you fail?? It’s hard to be a mature girl. The days when all your worries were eating vegetables for dinner and the villains beating up the Power Rangers are long gone. And that thought hurts me. But what hurts me the most is that everyone expects more than just a mature girl. They all want you to be the best as the best only survives in this world.

The ‘best’ is singular. Only one can be the best. Then what about the ‘rest’? Well, no one cares, right? All they care about is being the best. No matter how hard the climb up is, they don’t think twice whether it’s the right amount of responsibility for a child. Maybe not even once. The ‘best’ out there did it, then why can’t you?

So you end up putting all your efforts into being the best. Hours and hours of practice or being buried in books at three in the morning don’t matter. No matter what you do, it’s just not enough. You skip all three meals a day so that just a little bit of your weight disappears. You spend sleepless nights trying to finish all the books available in the library. Even if you feel as though you might faint any second, you force yourself a little more saying that’s what it takes to be the best.

Trying your best to be the ‘best’, you often end up forgetting about yourself. You might even forget to find out your own passion. What is that one thing you crave for every single day? That one thing that you long to have or be. So much that your heart aches at not being able to achieve it.

Your passion is something that you never get tired of even if you do it a million times. The same passion that made champions. They love what they do and they would it all again a hundred times. It’s that fire in their bones that won’t die no matter how hard they get hit. Living without passion for something is living as one of the walking dead. Once you find your passion, that is when you turn your dreams into reality. But to achieve a dream, you have to first see it and your passion helps you to see it in HD.

So what is your passion? Blindly without any hesitation, you answer to the question, “What do you want to be in life?”. It might not be a truthful answer, but it is the answer that you were taught so well that you whole heartedly believe that it is what you want in life. Maybe it was because you never had time to find out what you actually wanted in life, what your passion was. But for now, the answer is, “To be the best.”


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