Maybe it’s just about being pretty.

Beauty is something that always gives you confidence. People notice the pretty one from a crowd and in life that’s all that you ever wanted. To be noticed. Every human hopes to be the center of attraction. Only a few humans were smart enough to not to fall into this trap. They followed they’re passion and that passion got them noticed by others. That is why the “Beauty Queen” changes every year while the “Most Talented” ones are hard to beat.

But what do you do if you couldn’t find your passion? What do you do when the ones that you want to be noticed by don’t care about how talented you are or even what kind of a person you are unless you’re pretty in their eyes? That’s when it hurts.

There are so many in this world that you’d like to please. So many that you desperately crave to be noticed by. And all those idiots care about is beauty. So well, maybe it is just about being pretty.

Well then, what is this so called beauty? The inner beauty is something that everyone knows about. The warm beating soul inside is the inner beauty. But that isn’t what everyone cares about. The outer beauty is something a bit more complicated. How do you know whether you are pretty or not? Are you pretty if someone gives you a compliment? Then everyone in this world would be handsome or pretty because their mothers said so. So how do you measure beauty? People say that it varies with everyone’s eyes. Now that’s a fact.

So now the question is who’s eyes should you take as a reference. It should obviously be the ones whom you want to be noticed by. If you’re buying a gift for someone it should be something that would like,isn’t it? And that is the point when you loose. Your reference should always be your eyes. One day when you look into the mirror and feel no shame to see your reflection, that’s when you’re not just pretty but you’re beautiful. Whether you’re face seems  as if its the full moon on the darkest night or as if its the dark cloud that covers the moon so that not even one tiny bit of moonlight falls on the earth and yet you are able to smile at your own reflection without any regrets, that is when you’re beautiful.

But would that get you noticed by someone? Probably not. But then ask yourself why you need to be noticed by such a horrible person who won’t even take a second glance at you to even think whether you might be pretty.

There are many good people in this world. But there are many bad ones too. Don’t try to show that you’re worth something to the Devil. Spend that time trying to show it to the God. And I hope that one day you will finally get noticed by that person and that then you’ll be able to walk away from that person with your head held high.