The Lost Souls

When it comes to movies, I always prefer horror movies. Most people choose those to get their adrenaline pumped but I prefer them because they always have a sad story to tell.

At 3:05am in the morning, I was stupid enough to not be asleep and just to lay in my bed in total darkness. And everyone knows that your imagination goes the wildest when you see figures forming in the darkness. I happen to imagine someone standing in the shadows and staring back at me. The silhouette became more and more accurate as I stared at it longer. I wanted to stop looking that way since I knew it was nothing but just my crazy mind going crazy. But I was too scared to turn away thinking that what if it attacked me the moment I turned my back to it. So, I laid there staring at it and thought, “Why does it staring at me?”. Would it be thinking that “Does she know how lucky she is to still be alive?”.

People say that there are lost souls in this world that weren’t lucky enough to go to heaven or hell. They just wander around not knowing what to do and not being able to do anything. How would they feel each and every day? They never wanted their lives to end like this. They never wanted their loved ones to suffer. They never wanted to hurt anyone. They were the ones who were hurt all the time. But was this the  way things were supposed to happen? Why so?

Every lost soul has a sad story to speak. But being lost, they never get to say them out loud to anyone. It would hurt them, right? Seeing their loved ones suffer, but not able to do anything. Just watch as everyone else lives on happily while you are nothing but just a chill down the spine for a few. Just a feeling that lingers around. Would it be worse than hell, to not know when this loneliness ends. To not know when to move on or how to move on. Were the ones who got to go to hell luckier than the ones who are just lost in the darkness?